Your Chance of Dying From Various Sports

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Everyone is going to die sometime, of course, but you can reduce your chances of doing prematurely if you refrain from participating in the sport of base jumping. One out of every 60 people who indulge in this sport die when their parachutes don’t open properly. If you decide to take up racing in the Grand Prix as a hobby, your chances of dying during a race are one in 100. Hang gliding is another sport that those who aspire to longevity may want to avoid; one in 560 people die while enjoying this pastime.

Sports-minded individuals who don’t want to risk early death would be well-advised to take up computer sports. Only one in 100 million people expire while playing games on their personal computers. Another safe bet is old-fashioned table games. Running, jogging and swimming are fairly safe as well; only one per one million people die during this activity.

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Lifestyle Hacks for a Healthier You.

Hacking is usually a computer programming related term for a gifted programmer that who is able to manipulate the cod involved in incredible ways. Just like these programming hacks can create software shortcuts and tricks that lead to self gain, lifestyle hacks are innovative ways to surpass obstacles that humanity has been running into for years.

One of the universal problems that nearly everyone is concerned with is staying in shape and being healthy. Here are some lifestyle hacks that you can utilize to get in shape without drinking the elixir of life or wishing for a day with 25 hours in it.

1) Take the stairs! Sorry, this one is so classic it just has to be included. Keep this in mind though: if you are not willing to utilize this lifestyle hack then you are not trying to get in shape, you’re just looking for a lifestyle hack that allows your physical body to keep on living comfortably without doing anything to take care of it.

Now that that is out of the way, here are some more innovative hacks.

1.5) Active standing. Yup. Active standing.

Many people have time spent standing every single day. People wait for the bus, people wait in line at the grocery store, but how many people realize that they can be active even while they stand?

The activities that one can reasonably engage in whilst all around him are motionless depends on where you are. If you are at a bus stop no one will care if you do some wall sits against the wall or do some squats; just don’t impede the bus traffic.

Guest Post: The 8 Best Workout Equipment for a Home Gym

If you are searching for the best workout tools to make your home gym; or you are just searching for one excellent exercise equipment then you are at the right place. Some of the better options are given in this article. Most of the tools among them are expensive, but they are perfect for your wish for making home gym.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is very useful for your cardiovascular system as it necessitates equilibrium, vigor and swiftness. You may use it as a comprehensive exercise or for hasty breaks between the sets of weight training. It is portable so you can use it anywhere and at any time, just pack it in your bag and you never will worry about any other exercise when you are traveling.


Kettlebells are troupe iron weights for lifting by hands. Controlling and lifting a kettlebell involves numerous muscle sets at once. They are considered a complement to any home gym.

Rowing Machine

Rowing Machines are a useful thing if you think you need one piece of tool that gives a complete exercise for your whole body. Rowing Machines provide exercise to both the upper and lower part of your body. This is an aerobic type of exercise that strengthens the muscles, eases the stream of air in and out of the lungs and reduces anxiety and hopelessness by making your mental health better.

Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are part and parcel of the equipment used at home for exercise. They are used for cardiovascular exercises and are highly useful for fatty or aged people especially when they are going to start exercising. They mainly strengthen and relax the muscles of your rump and legs.

Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainer provides you a relaxed and side-effect free workout that is easy to use. Its shape is oval-like and moves horizontally. Its intensity can be adjusted for hard or soft exercise or for aged people. Today, it is the most common equipment in health clubs.

Home Treadmill

A home treadmill is widespread equipment for aerobic exercise at home. The treadmill facilitates you whether you want to walk or run at home irrespective of the weather. You should inquire basic tutoring from a trainer at your home gym, or you should read the guidelines written on the machine before you use it. Almost all the treadmills have the same functions.

Free Weights

Free weights are not for everybody. Most of the people want to purchase multi-station gyms instead of free weights. Free weights are iron weight rack which are used for the full squat exercise that is one of the best for strength training. If you are experienced and have a space at home then free weights are compulsory for you.

Balance Ball and Trainer

Balance ball and trainer is an outstanding tool that is low-priced complement to home gym. Balance workouts will better develop your core power, swiftness and synchronization in all games and it decreases risk of your injury.

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This post was written by Kashif Raza. Visit his website to find more tips about weight benches.

Effectively Burning Belly Fat

Let’s talk about how to destroy fat, particularly that lumpy glycerin around your abdomen.  Yes it is gross, and there is good reason for you to feel embarrassed with your shirt off.  Don’t worry though, losing weight around your stomach isn’t the hardest thing; actually, losing weight on the back of the thighs is.  Losing weight around your waist comes in second for hardest place to grease the pan, if you know what I mean.

Planking is Effective for Abdominal Enhancement

Muscles require calories to create ATP and energy and all that scientific hullabaloo, blah blah blah.   Here is what you really need to know. Your abs are not going to burn calories, meaning you are not going to lose fat by doing crunches and sit ups. Those just don’t work. The abdomen is too thin to effectively necessitate a large amount of caloric burn.

You do have to work out your abs. Here is what you do.  To get good caloric burn that is going to burn those little grease lumps off your stomach you need to work out your entire body.  That is the trick too it, pure and simple.  Crossfit training is a great way to do it, P90X is super effective, or if you are a little less demanding about seeing results come fast you can jump into a yoga program.  These are the types of exercises that burn fat around the waist.

Some specific exercises that will tighten the abdomen and include burbees, planking, lateral torso movements with a medicine ball or dumbbells.  There you go kids, get off the couch and get rid of that stomach fat.

Free Weights vs Machines

Free Weights vs Machines


There has always been a long running conversation about whether to use free-weights or machines to do your workouts. While it is easy enough to say, if you have both, use them both. Using both free weights and machines will help you prevent muscle memory and you can trick your muscles into submission by changing it up a bit.

Further, there are so many great exercises a machine can provide starting with cable curls and cable flies. The advantage to doing these exercises on a cable machine is that the cable is being held tight throughout the entire exercise and doesn’t loosen up when you reach the top or bottom of the exercise movement.

On the other hand, you really can’t beat a good straight bar when it comes to bench pressing or the building of the pecks. Dumbbells also do their part for bicep curls as well, but again it is worth using the cables of a machine to do those exercises if you have them.

Another good exercise for the free-weights is the military press and the decline bench press. These are hardly duplicated successfully on any machine. Most of the machines, like a universal, curl machine, bench press, or abdominal machines are a waste of time. Most of the machine parts merely try to mimic free-weight movements, but fail miserably.

The problem with machines is the distribution of weight. Sure there are cables lifting the weight stack, but that does nothing for you in that aspect of cables. Most machines have a fixed platform for arms, biceps, triceps or other. The fixed plat forms often do not require your muscles to perform delicate balancing tasks while employing each muscle.

For instance when you have a bicep machine you place your elbows on the pads. Then you pull up the machine arm and lower it. But the motion is fixed on a vertical axis and there is no need for the muscle to prevent the horizontal movement of the weights being lifted. Also, unlike the cable curls, there is no resistance at the bottom or top of the curling movement (it’s just resting).

We could go on and on with each muscle exercise or you can apply the contrasting examples of a free-weights vs machine exercise as we did with the bicep exercises.  If you only have access to one or the other I would say to stick with free-weights if you are serious about building muscle. If all you want to do is tone up and do some cardio workouts I would suggest the machine.

The Best Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebells are pretty much the latest and greatest in trending exercises.  They are a strong and versatile tool when you are looking to get super fit!  Kettlebells differ from other free weights in that most of the exercises you do involve only one kettlebell.  Using only one kettlebell will offset your balance and make you work harder to maintain stability.  Exercises where you are repeatedly hoisting the metal balls work your pecs, arms, and core; and also your heart and lungs.  Kettlebells can essentially replace all of your other free weights, proving its versatility.  Having a solid and stable core is essential if you want to get serious about exercising; and working on your balance and stability with kettlebells are an easy way to strengthen your core.

The benefits of incorporating the use of kettlebells into your exercise routine are seemingly endless.  You get a great muscle strengthening workout and at the same time a great cardio workout; since most of the circuits you perform with kettlebells deal with the cardiovascular system.  There are many great kettlebell workouts out there, but some of the things you can do with them that I think are the most effective are where you flip the actual weight of the kettlebell onto your wrist to strengthen your wrists; you can raise the kettlebell above your head, bring it down behind your head, and work your triceps by bringing it back up; there are countless other exercises you can do with these things, that’s what makes them so great.  You can do exercises that you could only do with free weights with dumbbells in the past; like curls, and extending your arm to a 90-degree angle, then raising and lowering the weight.  Look at this video for a great example of a high-intensity kettlebell workout.
I wouldn’t suggest doing all of those tricks; start with something simple, work at it, and in no time you just might look like this guy!

Workout Wednesday…Tabata Training

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Tabata before, for example I posted a workout where you could do Tabata workouts on a treadmill. Tabata training is a kind of interval workout where you will push hard of 20 seconds at a high intensity doing as many reps as you can, followed by a ten second rest. You will repeat this sequence 8 times. If you did the math, yes this workout is only 4 minutes long. May sound suspicious how you can get a good workout in only 4 minutes time, but trust me it will feel like the longest 4 minutes of your life. According to Men’s Fitness, it can will help you burn more fat than a standard workout.


A few tips to get you started:

First and foremost you need to decide what workouts you want to do. There will be 8 intervals total, so a common thing to do is choose 4 workouts switching between intervals of the four. For example:

  • Pushups for intervals 1 and 3
  • Body weight Squats for intervals 2 and 4
  • Medicine ball slams for intervals 5 and 7
  • Sprinting or jumping rope for intervals 6 and 8


You can choose any 4 exercises you want. And don’t focus on a specific number of reps, just go as hard as you can for the full 20 seconds pumping out as many reps possible.The take that 10 second rest. Like so…



You will want to make sure you start out with a 10-minute warm-up on your treadmill or elliptical trainer just to “to get your blood flowing and musclesloose”. And end with a 10-minute cool down to get your heart rate back down to normal, cause trust me it will be pumping hard!


This type of workout is a very intense workout, and you will feel sore the next day. This is not the kind of workout it would be beneficial or safe to do everyday. Try for only once or twice a week. You will not need much more than that to see the results in a few months time.


If you cannot decide what workouts or exercises you want to do, check out YouTube for some inspiration. They have loads of different Tabata Training workouts to help you get the idea.


Give a try and let me know what you think!

Any of you tried Tabata Training? What are your thoughts on the workout?

Know any good Tabata workouts worth sharing?

Valentine’s Day Helpful Tips

We all know that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and I know all you men probably STILL don’t know what to do for your significant others. I came across a few tips for you men to help make sure you don’t mess it up this year 😉


First and foremost, DO NOT FORGET! I’m sure with all the signs, commercials, chocolates, abundant chick-flick movies coming out the weekend before, it’s hard to not be reminded daily.

DO listen. If you pay attention a few weeks/days before Valentine’s she will throw you a few hints as to what she wants. Now if you haven’t been listening so far, she might still be doing this today if she knows you at all and knows you’re still searching. So listen up today and see if you catch on to any ideas. Men’s Health gives some good comments to look out for: “I really need a ___,” “Her necklace is so beautiful,” “When’s the last time we spent the day together?”, or “We’ve never been to that restaurant!” If you hear comments such as these right around Valentine’s, it’s no coincidence, she is telling you what she wants in her woman way.

DO NOT do the same thing as last year or a previous year when you really knocked her socks off (no pun intended). Yes she loved it then, but trust me she does remember and she would not love it again!

DO turn off your electrics. I know you want to check up on the Jazz score, or read that important email for a coworker/boss, but don’t! Giving her your undivided attention will show you care, that she is your number one priority.

DO NOT buy kitchen/cleaning/workout supplies. She will take this personally. Yes she has been eyeing up that blender, expensive vacuum or workout dvd, but DO NOT fall for this trap. Blender=you think she should do all the cooking. Vacuum=you think she should do all the cleaning. Workout DVD=you think she needs to lose weight. These gifts are in no way shape or form romantic!


DO buy a card that has some meaning, or better yet make one! Okay that last bit could be going a bit far, but you get the idea. Don’t just grab the first Valentine’s card you see. Find one that may be more relatable to the two of you. She spends hours finding that perfect Valentine’s card, and writing that oh so touching message. You can spend ten minutes reading a few cards and finding a good one! Along with this include a nice message from the heart, tell her how much you appreciate her and all her lovin’!

DO NOT buy any stuffed animal holding a cheap, red heart-shaped box. Save these for the junior high/high school boys! Your woman is probably a little more sophisticated than this!

DO have fun with it! Personalize this day for the two of you. Instead of buying one big gift, think about spreading a few gifts out throughout your day. Reminding her all day how much you love her. Try making her one of her favorite meals and avoiding the crowds out at the restaurants. Or if you’re not the chef type, order to go of her favorite restaurant (if they do that) and enjoy it at home, much more private and romantic!


Good luck tomorrow men! I hope you all have a great, successful Valentine’s!


Any ideas you have planned?!?


Workout Wednesday…STILL recovering from the Superbowl?!

Hopefully after following the tips from Monday’s post we are all recovered from our Superbowl binges, but I found a great workout to help you shred any extra weight that still might be lingering from your splurge. I tried this yesterday, I feel as if I sweat off every last extra poundage that remained from those chicken wings Sunday.



Check out the Men’s Fitness article before attempting, they have great videos of exactly how to do each move, preventing from any injury. I’ve added in some tips to help make this more doable at home if you do not go to a gym or have the necessary equipment.

Make sure you do not take any rests between exercises in each circuit.

Warm Up

Start by a 5-10 minute light jogging or walking on your treadmill, or around the block.

Next, do 10 light easy jumping jacks followed by 10 easy jump squats

Circuit One

Exercise One: Perform 10 reps of squats with barbell placed across upper back. If you do not have a barbell, try 20 reps of normal squats

Exercise Two: Plyo Jump Boxes- jump onto a box about knee height ten times.

Exercise Three: 3 Minute Cardio Intervals (1 minute sprint, 1 minute walk, 1 minute sprint)

REST for 60 seconds


Circuit Two

They forgot an exercise four, not I! :)

Exercise Five: Perform 10 reps of dumbbell bench presses

Exercise Six: Perform as many chin-ups as possible, still making sure you can maintain the move with every rep.

Exercise Seven: 3-Minute Jump Rope Intervals (1 minute fast, 1 minute slow, 1 minute fast) Do the act of jump roping for similar affect if no actual jump rope is available.

REST for 60 seconds


Circuit Three

Exercise Eight: Perform 10 reps of the Barbell Military Press- press the barbell over head, slightly behind you pushing head forward, bring back down to chest, repeating 10 times. You could also try weights here if you do not have a barbell.

Exercise Nine: Perform 10 reps of Barbell Curls- curl barbell, keeping elbows locked in and stabilizing core. You could also try weights here if you do not have a barbell.

Exercise Ten: Perform 10 reps of Tricep Pushdown- push cable down, elbows locked in and stabilizing core. You could also try tricep curl backs with dumbbells if you do not have a pull down cable.

REST for 60 seconds


Superset Finisher

Exercise Eleven: Russian Twist- grab medicine ball/dumbbell/weight plate sitting on the floor with hips and knees bent 90degrees, holding weight straight out in front of you twist as far as you can left then right. Repeat this as many times possible.

Exercise Twelve: Perform as many burpess as possible.


Cool Down

Don’t forget to stretch afterwards and do another 5-10 minute walk to get that cool down.


This workout should help you shed any leftovers from the Superbowl festivities, till next year at least!


Try it out, let us know what you think??

Superbowl Recovery

Now I know all of you used my healthy recipes for the Superbowl right?! And only ate one serving of each?!

Well I know I sure failed when it came to that. I’ll admit it, yes the Healthy Man himself fails when it comes to eating sometimes, and especially on the Superbowl! Although I did make a lot of healthy snacks, I still consumed way too much of those snacks, along with some not so healthy ones as well.

Now what to do? I’ve blown my whole new healthy eating diet, might as well just give up now right?!?



Don’t let the one bad day of eating (and in my case it was BAD) get you down and out, thinking you’ve lost all hope! There are things to do to help you recover from this!


First off, the best thing you can make sure to do the next day is DRINK LOTS OF FLUIDS. You need to make sure you are flushing out the extra water retention from the overeating episode. Make sure not only are you getting your 8 glasses (as we all do every day right ), but also make sure to increase that amount even more. Aim for a minimum of about 10 glasses the next couple days! Also make sure to cut your sodium intake for the next few days to help draw out that water retention even more.

Drinking Water

Do this at least ten times a day!

Make sure not to skip breakfast, or eat too few calories the next day thinking this will make up for it. You will want to cut back slightly, and make sure what you are eating is clean, healthy foods. But if you are to decrease your calories too low the next day, this will only cause your metabolism to crash, not helping you solve the problem, only making it worse.


When most of us overeat, they tend to be carbohydrate rich foods, like chips and dip/salsa. So make sure to eliminate carbohydrates from your breakfast, aim for a more protein rich breakfast, such as an omelet. You want to try to burn off all that extra stored glycogen before consuming another rush of carbohydrates. Also increasing your protein intake throughout the day will help boost your metabolism to get that food moving!


Another thing you can do to help get that food going through your system is first thing in the morning take a jog or walk on your treadmill, or around the block. Moving will help get that metabolism started, make sure to get things moving along!

Also try cutting out any greasy junk foods, along with alcohol and other empty calorie rich drinks. If you just keep loading yourself with unhealthy foods, this will not help clean out your system and only keep replenishing the evil instead!

Doing all of these should help to overcome the overeating episode. Don’t lose hope on the healthy eating, one bad day of eating won’t derail it all! You can come back from it, and make sure we learn our lesson here! Harder said than done, I know!

How was everyone’s Superbowl? Were you happy with the results?

Any delicious foods you overate and want to share?!?