Effectively Burning Belly Fat

Let’s talk about how to destroy fat, particularly that lumpy glycerin around your abdomen.  Yes it is gross, and there is good reason for you to feel embarrassed with your shirt off.  Don’t worry though, losing weight around your stomach isn’t the hardest thing; actually, losing weight on the back of the thighs is.  Losing weight around your waist comes in second for hardest place to grease the pan, if you know what I mean.

Planking is Effective for Abdominal Enhancement

Muscles require calories to create ATP and energy and all that scientific hullabaloo, blah blah blah.   Here is what you really need to know. Your abs are not going to burn calories, meaning you are not going to lose fat by doing crunches and sit ups. Those just don’t work. The abdomen is too thin to effectively necessitate a large amount of caloric burn.

You do have to work out your abs. Here is what you do.  To get good caloric burn that is going to burn those little grease lumps off your stomach you need to work out your entire body.  That is the trick too it, pure and simple.  Crossfit training is a great way to do it, P90X is super effective, or if you are a little less demanding about seeing results come fast you can jump into a yoga program.  These are the types of exercises that burn fat around the waist.

Some specific exercises that will tighten the abdomen and include burbees, planking, lateral torso movements with a medicine ball or dumbbells.  There you go kids, get off the couch and get rid of that stomach fat.