Healthy Meal Planning Tips

Offering healthy meals to your family is one of the vital ways to ensure that they remain hail and healthy. However, cooking healthy meals needs some planning in advance so that it becomes easier for you to make healthy meals every day. Just like you would not plan for a holiday without knowing where to go, you should not start your day without having an idea of what you and your family will eat. The very presence of ‘idea’ for cooking itself indicates that planning before cooking is indispensable. However, this does not mean that you will need to plan every nibble.


What is emphasized here is that because of several unhealthy choices that are easily and readily available, it’s high time to get smarter and prepare a cooking plan. Let such a plan include healthy choices and then get them approved by kids and other adults in your family by telling them about the good tastes and health benefits. But no planning can be successful without applying some tips. So, here are some Healthy Meals planning tips that can be helpful to you.


Plan on Sunday


Sunday is the best day to plan the cooking menu of the entire week. Take the help of Internet or go through some cookbooks or magazines to choose seven healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus that offer adequate calories. Ensure that you add sources of lean protein (beans or lentils), fibers (vegetables and whole grains), vitamins (fruits), and minerals (vegetables and fruits). It is better to choose the most liked items by your family.


Include family members while planning


Do not sit back alone and plan for healthy eating, as that carries a risk of rejection from your kids or other family members. Therefore, consider involving your kids, partner, and other family members while you plan. Ask them what they would like to eat but set some rules or guidelines so that they do not pressurize you to choose those tempting, unhealthy foods such as white pastas, white breads, burgers, and pizzas.


Announce your menu


A small white board is enough whereon you can write with a marker pen about the menu just like you would see in some restaurants where the boards reveal special menu of the day. Write your menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner of the day and let everyone see what they will be getting to eat.


Always keep a grocery list


To be specific, take a blank paper and write down all that you will need to cook the chosen dishes for the next week. Once you decide with your family about the meals, it becomes easy to identify the ingredients that are required to cook the chosen dishes. Take it to the grocery store and buy only what is written in it. And yes, do not throw away the list. Keep it for your next Sunday planning! Most of the times, the ingredients will be the same, only the dishes and cooking methods will vary. Furthermore, a readymade list will also save much of your planning time.


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