Superbowl Recovery

Now I know all of you used my healthy recipes for the Superbowl right?! And only ate one serving of each?!

Well I know I sure failed when it came to that. I’ll admit it, yes the Healthy Man himself fails when it comes to eating sometimes, and especially on the Superbowl! Although I did make a lot of healthy snacks, I still consumed way too much of those snacks, along with some not so healthy ones as well.

Now what to do? I’ve blown my whole new healthy eating diet, might as well just give up now right?!?



Don’t let the one bad day of eating (and in my case it was BAD) get you down and out, thinking you’ve lost all hope! There are things to do to help you recover from this!


First off, the best thing you can make sure to do the next day is DRINK LOTS OF FLUIDS. You need to make sure you are flushing out the extra water retention from the overeating episode. Make sure not only are you getting your 8 glasses (as we all do every day right ), but also make sure to increase that amount even more. Aim for a minimum of about 10 glasses the next couple days! Also make sure to cut your sodium intake for the next few days to help draw out that water retention even more.

Drinking Water

Do this at least ten times a day!

Make sure not to skip breakfast, or eat too few calories the next day thinking this will make up for it. You will want to cut back slightly, and make sure what you are eating is clean, healthy foods. But if you are to decrease your calories too low the next day, this will only cause your metabolism to crash, not helping you solve the problem, only making it worse.


When most of us overeat, they tend to be carbohydrate rich foods, like chips and dip/salsa. So make sure to eliminate carbohydrates from your breakfast, aim for a more protein rich breakfast, such as an omelet. You want to try to burn off all that extra stored glycogen before consuming another rush of carbohydrates. Also increasing your protein intake throughout the day will help boost your metabolism to get that food moving!


Another thing you can do to help get that food going through your system is first thing in the morning take a jog or walk on your treadmill, or around the block. Moving will help get that metabolism started, make sure to get things moving along!

Also try cutting out any greasy junk foods, along with alcohol and other empty calorie rich drinks. If you just keep loading yourself with unhealthy foods, this will not help clean out your system and only keep replenishing the evil instead!

Doing all of these should help to overcome the overeating episode. Don’t lose hope on the healthy eating, one bad day of eating won’t derail it all! You can come back from it, and make sure we learn our lesson here! Harder said than done, I know!

How was everyone’s Superbowl? Were you happy with the results?

Any delicious foods you overate and want to share?!?

  • Annie@NaturallySweetRecipes

    So glad you stopped by our blog! Thanks for the kind comments. Love this post! So true, we can indulge every once in a while and not feel completely awful with ourselves! I ate a bit too many chocolate cookies. :) and definitely enjoyed them. But I’m doing much better this week!

    • admin

      Yes I loved the blog! I will definitely be back for more! :)
      It is so true, if you’re going to indulge now and then, try to at least enjoy it! :) But know that it can’t be an every weekend occurrence! ha

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